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Uchudon Behemoth Tank one-offs

Image of Uchudon Behemoth Tank one-offs


The KB Assault Tank makes its long-awaited debut with the release of these super mashup mechas!

Each Uchudon Behemoth Tank comes packed with-

1x Assault Tank w/ custom resin inserts, Mecha G-Mon torso/arms and Uchudon head
1x Micro Army Men set
1x Super SES or SES control pendant
1x acrylic Quality Seal pin
1x custom box

All fabricated in colors inspired by the classic US SNES and Famicom ROB pallets

Over 10 parts with 5+ points of articulation!

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Due to a few errors in production we have decided to curtail any further production of the tank in its current state. This means that it will only ever be limited to 40 pieces, hence the slightly higher than usual price.

All pieces from the ShinGangu Jan '22 sale will ship on or before Wednesday, February 2nd 2022

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